Company Culture

The Modern Flâneur

Do you remember the last time you took a stroll somewhere in the city, perhaps noticing a new piece of artwork on a brick wall..?

Moved by a Light Rail Station

“I sensed something monumental .. that convinced me to believe transportation architecture could become something beyond just utilitarian architecture.”

Designing with VR

“Visualizing architecture has become increasingly critical to delivering great projects.” Sarah writes about using virtual reality as a design tool.

Interview with Julia Nagele on Gridiron

“We have to apply something that was for today and anticipate for the future,” Julia Nagele, HEWITT’S Principal and Director of Design.

From Suzhou to Seattle

“If you told me ten years ago that I would be working in the United States on my path to becoming an architect, I would not have believed you.”

Designing Inclusive Cities

“The allure of cities is undeniable, attracting residents by providing an array of opportunities, diversity, access to cultures, cuisine, and new experiences..”

‘David Hewitt sells ownership stake to a new team of leaders at HEWITT’ -DJC

“[Hewitt] has really .. been the face of this firm for .. 40-plus years .. So there’s a little bit of reinvention as new leadership takes over.”